Future Fund – Shape the fate of Cumnock Juniors.

Running a Juniors Football Team is a nightmare for any Treasurer – just ask any of them, especially those in the Stagecoach Premier Division. Like many Teams, Cumnock have members who know the amount of money coming from home games at League games or half of the gate at Cup games as well as sponsorship does not come to anywhere near the bills which come in.

Cumnock have a Future Fund which supporters donate some money every month, how small and it is greatly appreciated and the money goes to build a better Team.

Think about it and speak to Treasurer Willie McVake who will give you all information.

The supporters who help financially are:

    Andy MCall    Sandy Bryce      Frank Bryce     Davie Weir    Richie McCurdy
   Alison Scott   Willie Cardie       John Mills   Neil Robertson       Ian Morris
 Mark Dunsmore    Kay Mitchell    John Mitchell  George Morton    Billy Sneddon
Bobby McCulloch     Alex Baird  Willie Dunnachie   Tom Bradford    Mitchell Brodie
Robert Anderson    Jim Riddicks      Jim Clark   Willie McVake   John Sanderson
   Willie Dick Sonny Blackwood
——————– ——————– ——————– ——————– ——————–


To lend your support, speak to any member of the Club Committee or call Club Treasurer, Willie McVake on 07794 262 268.